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Michael P. Hill crafts content and experiences for the broadcasting, journalism, design and ecommerce niches  — all fueled by a love of art, architecture, reading, food, space science, environmentalism and social justice.

Michael’s approach to writing and content

Classically trained with modern skills

Trained as an ‘old-school’ newspaper journalist, Michael has since significantly evolved those skills and style to fit the digital age of content development, including incorporating native content and SEO strategies into my work.

Inspired by the inverted pyramid

Backed with training as a journalist, Michael crafts copy with clear cut introductions and strategically placed detail that outlines order of importance to effectively communicate ideas big and small.

A keen eye for details and nuance

Michael has a ‘hidden talent’ of being able to look at something as small as an icon or as big as an entire building and craft a nuanced description of it from top to bottom — sometimes even discovering design motifs the original designer didn’t even realize were there.

Text features enhance storytelling

Michael’s writing strategy leverages implementing text features such as subheadings, lists, infographics, sidebars and links to related content to make content grow beyond the boundaries of a single page, making it truly tell the whole story.


Michael’s primary areas of focus


As founder and publisher of a leading trade publication for the broadcast industry, Michael brings extensive knowledge and sources from the world of broadcast design and TV production. Read Michael’s broadcast coverage here


Michael’s background in print, digital and broadcast journalism focuses on journalism trends, ethics, history and the power reporting has played in shaping the world, as well as the tools journalists use to communicate better. 


Acutely visual by nature, Michael’s focus on design centric content includes branding, logos, scenic and experiential design and more, as well as the concepts that lead to great design — color theory, hierarchy and typography. 


With a focus on the Shopify platform, Michael focuses on blending the spirit of entrepreneurship with best practices in business, user experience and beyond to give merchants the tools they need to succeed selling online. 

Michael’s Other Interests


The science and artistry that goes into food production and preparation as well as marketing and branding of the things we eat.


The craft, history and creativity behind live theatre, films, television, art and architectural masterpieces and how they come to life.


Renewable and alternative energy, recycling, sustainability, weird and wonderful wildlife and preserving natural resources.

Social justice

The fight for equal rights with special interest in disability awareness, criminal justice reform and economic equality.


Grow your own knowledge through extensively researched writing that gives a glimpse into a new or interesting topic, time or idea. 

Outer space

Although nowhere near an expert, Michael’s interest and knowledge in space science is underscored by a sense of wonder.

Michael’s Media Properties


Michael founded NewscastStudio (then known as SetStudio) in 2003 as a weekend project and since then it’s grown into a leading trade publication for broadcast production professionals read in newsrooms and broadcast facilities around the globe.


MixDex is a dynamic news website that covers headlines from a variety of niches, including the broadcast industry, ecommerce, food and restaurants, design and more. Content is custom blended from a variety of sources with original reporting mixed in.

Michael’s Companies

Michael P. Hill Creative

Website design, development and more for WordPress, Shopify and more. Interested in talking about your project? Check out the contact information below.

HD Media Ventures

HD Media Ventures is the parent company of the media properties Michael co-owns. As the ‘high definition content company,’ the company’s mission is to craft high quality content for niche markets.


1point151 dreams, develops and deploys web apps serving niche industries. The spry company is focused on providing great user experience and customer service.

Michael’s other dabblings

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No big deal, but Michael’s writing has been cited and or featured in a wide variety of publications and media outlets around the world

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